Teleporting back to this magical elopement in the White Mountains.

Picture this:

It's the first week of October, peak foliage, a perfect autumn night.

The sky begins to change colors as you hike a short distance to the top of Cathedral Ledge.

You're greeted by stunning views and your partner patiently waiting for you.

Nerves start to kick in as you take a deep breath and approach.

It's' the moment you've always dreamed of.

This was TRULY a night to remember! A beautiful weekday evening during peak foliage in the mountains, what more could you ask for? The leaves are typically at their "peak" colors during the first two weeks of October in NH. We were lucky enough to practically have the whole place to ourselves. We saw probably a total of 5-6 other people hike by during the time we were there (which is incredible)!

As your elopement photographer, I will be there to help with any of your planning needs. From the early stages of helping find the perfect location, to finalizing a timeline that works best for you - I have your back!

Here is a glimpse at K+S adventure elopement: